Dear Naomi:

Here I am in England and still remember you. It seldom happens that one writes to a girl after having just one date, but I do enjoy receiving your letters & will enjoy them much more over here. I can’t remember whether or not I wrote you since I saw you for a moment at Houghton Lake, but I am sorry if I caused any confusion; your boyfriend seemed to be very much distressed & I noticed you left immediately. It kinda made me sore his not wearing his uniform when one knows it to be a criminal offense to be out of uniform during war times. I realized he had only been in the service for a few weeks, but a good soldier should be proud of his uniform & what it stands for. That is beside the point, on with the letter.

We had a very interesting trip over here, longest one I ever took & was very tiresome. England is a beautiful place from the air, all the cities look new because of the brick structure of the buildings, but are several hundred years old. The streets are very narrow, the buildings small & health conditions not nearly as high as ours. The smells are very bad because of their sewage systems, fish & meat markets. Some places of interest I have been are London, Cambridge College & have flown over Oxford College several times. One can see the ruins of London where bombs have dropped, although the people informs us they have not had an air raid in London for over a year, which was surprising to me. Also when they say “blackout,” that is what they mean. It is so black, one can hardly get around. The cars have blackout lights on them & all right-hand drive.

The social life is at a minimum, but we have fun. Most of the people are very sociable. …….  (more in the book)

My address is:

Lt. Alfred Asch
328 Bomb Sqdn.
93rd Bomb Group
A.P.O. No. 634
Post Master General
New York City

The best way to send a letter is air mail.