Dear Naomi:

Conditions are a little different with me now in North Africa among the Arabs. The climate here is really swell, just like California, the soil about the same, hills in the distance & citrus fruits. It sure is a change coming from England, where one does not have fruits and vegetables & seldom see the sun, & coming down here. I really am getting a lot of swell pictures. I’ll show them to you when I get back.

The living conditions, that is the question, are not quite the same as in England, but I believe the food is just a little better, which surprised me. We came in such a hurry we didn’t pack much. The trip was a long, tiresome one & very thrilling. Will tell you about it some day.

The people here are Arabs of various kinds–French, Spanish and many others. The languages are mostly French & Spanish. We can buy oranges & tangerines by the crates, but in order to get fresh eggs, we have to give them clothing.  …(more in book)


Alfred Asch