Dear Naomi:

I can’t remember when I last wrote you or can’t remember when I last heard from you, because I have been moving about the world so much lately my mail has not caught up with me. I have not heard from home for two months or since we left England. We are now in the Middle East & have seen quite a lot of the desert, sand storms, scarcity of water, etc.

I really have been getting plenty of flying time down here. On some occasions or some weeks, I got or flew 40 hours & got shot at every time. Our flights are from 10 to 12 hours long & are plenty tough without having to worry about the “Jerry” but I guess we will make it now, have come this far along with a few close ones, so I guess will make it the rest of the way.

I believe I am credited with about 18 missions & got shot at every time, always from the ground & most of the time by pursuit ships. The flak looks like little puffs of smoke & seem to explode all around one’s ship, but never seem to actually shoot us down. I have picked up a lot of holes in my ship, had gasoline leaks, but never really got me, although this ship I have now is the third one I have flown over the target. The first one is being repaired by a major depot; the second one a total loss whereby some of the fellows were not so lucky as I & this ship. I have been plenty lucky, have not even picked up a hole & have gone on 10 or 11 raids with it. We have had several attacks by personal ships. They come in so close we can see what the guy looks like & can definitely see the big black German cross on the ship. They also really spit fire. The last time out, they sent tracer bullets just across our nose. Sometimes they are sorry for coming in because I have seen a few go down in flames. I also have seen one or two of our own ships go down which always takes the heart out of a guy. The raids here over Suisse, Tunis, Bizerte, Tripoli, etc. are not as tough as the ones we went on over Lille, St. Nazaire, Brest, Lorient, which are in France. Thank God for that.

On one night raid we went on alone over Suisse, we got lost coming back because of bad weather & wind shift and ended up over near Greece. We headed due south from there and got to an airport in Africa with only a few hours of gasoline left. The field was occupied by the English who are swell fellows. I used to make it a specialty of landing at strange fields in England. We always got treated swell & met Englishmen from all over the world–Australia, Union of S. Africa, Rhodesia, Egypt, and Canada. They all had different tales to tell & had really been around.

A couple of weeks ago, we got leave to go into Egypt to get a bath. I loaded my ground & air crew into the ship and took off. We first went to Cairo, buzzed & took pictures of the Pyramids & Sphinx & had steak & eggs in the city… I’ll sign off for tonight….

Here it is the next day. Thought we would go out on a raid today for sure, but I see my name up on the board for a night mission, probably over Italy or Sicily. Hope there is no flak, night fighters or searchlights, but that is asking for too much.

On with the story…From Cairo, we took off in Wham Bam, the name of my ship now, and went to Palestine. We made our headquarters at Tel Aviv, one of the youngest cities in the world… (more in book)

Alfred Asch